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All fanfic on this page is Jim/Blair unless stated differently.

Please note that all the stories are Slash (unless otherwise stated) and as such will be NC17 or above!

The Long Goodbye

Epilogue to  Kikkimax's story. I personally needed some closure after reading the story, wondering what would happen once Blair realized he's a free man and this is what I came up with.


Don't Know Why II  

Sequel to Don't Know Why by (below) Jim finds Blair, who's celebrating his birthday in secret.


Don't Know Why

by - posted with authors permission.

Fantasies Blair/Jim/Rafe


Blair's Naughty Fantasy; Both Ways  

Just a PWP, pure smut, only a snippet. The author got the sudden urge to write a threesome... so she did.


Jim's Naughty Fantasy; The Sling. 

Warnings! Mild bondage, most certainly consensual and a little roleplaying. Another threesome.

The Face of Evil

Blair and a fellow TA become the target of a group of skinheads. Set early in season 1. Warning; this story deals with racism and Blair's victimized by Neo-nazis.


Breaking the Silence

Warning; adult themes, mentions rape, emotional and verbal abuse. Alternate Universe. Blair is not the hyper active TA we know. Rated NC-17.  While wrapping up a horrid case Jim and Simon find the latest victim of an insane psychopath. To protect their eye witness Jim takes Blair to the loft after he's been released from the hospital. Jim finds himself extremely protective of his temporary roommate.


Full Circle 

After Jim finds out why Blair's depressed they get to play with their Christmas presents. Rated NC-17 for m/m. Don't expect any heavy plotlines! The author just had a blast writing some angst free love making! 

The Way of the Shaman  

Incacha didn't die during 'Warriors' and things evolve differently from canon. AU! 


One More Chance.  

Blair is diagnosed with hypoglycemia which complicates their lives.


Father Figure  

This is the sequel to 'One more chance'. Blair learns how to deal with his hypoglycemia and is confronted with his father's horrific past. Confused and lost, he eventually finds a father figure in William Ellison.


Thief of Hearts.  

In this AU story Blair's life takes a different part after Naomi dies. Still, even in this AU Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg meet.


Night of Revelations.

Set during the episode Nightshift. Smallwood decides to keep Blair as his hostage and Jim finds out something about his friend's dissertation that shocks him. AU. Rated PG.

I Promise You...  

Jim has to deal with Blair's unexpected death. There's a happy end...



This is a birthday story for Susan, who requested a groping Megan and pissed off Jim. The author twisted that requested plot just a little.


The Lottery Ticket.  

After the dissertation fiasco Blair buys a lottery ticket and it changes their lives.


It's About Trust  

Blair chooses to go undercover in a dangerous situation. Rating; NC-17 for implied non-consensual m/m sex.


A Reason to Live.  

After Blair drowns in the fountain he lacks a reason to live. The spirit guides interfere.



Jim learns why Blair's afraid of thunderstorms.

Ancient Spirits of the Forest  

Blair leaves Sierra Verde without Jim and decides to go to Peru to straighten out his life. However, Blair's plane crashes and things go wrong.



What happens when Jim realizes Blair's about to die again? Another Sentinel too story.


Home to Stay  

This story deals with six episodes from the series, The siege, The Debt, Blind Man's Bluff, Cypher, Survival and Crossroads. It shows the deepening of their friendship through the years, becoming lovers at the end.


Death's door.  

 After Jim takes down Lash and frees Blair, he realizes that his friend needs him in order to deal with the sustained trauma. Jim offers Blair a shoulder to cry on.



Set after Sentinel too. Blair tries to find a way to deal with the ruined relationship now that Jim no longer seems to trust him. Blair feels that they need to gain some distance and decides to leave Cascade and return to a more peaceful way of life.

Rebuilding the Trust.  

This is the sequel to 'Retreat'. Now that Jim and Blair finally admitted they love each other, Blair concentrates on healing during his stay at St. Sebastian's. However, Brad Ventriss is after revenge.


The Winning Bid  

It's a benefit auction and Simon tells Blair to participate. Who will place the winning bid and wine and dine Sandburg?


Too Late?  

Blair comes back from the dead, but finds nothing has changed between Jim and he. Hurt by the events of Sentinel too, he decides not to return to the loft. Simon offers him a place to stay and Blair accepts. Still recovering from his near-death experience he makes the best of being Simon's house guest. But during the night, dreams, nightmares and outer of body experiences scare the hell out of Blair, as he realizes that his near death experience set off his Shaman powers.

No Ordinary Love  

Sequel to 'Too late'. After discovering his shaman powers Jim and Blair continue to work on their relationship. During one of his spirit walks Blair finds that a dark presence is trying to kill his Sentinel. Trying to save Jim, Blair becomes the target of more than just one enemy.



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